The check list for a rustic wedding in Cyprus

The special moment has finally arrived destination wedding decided agreed! So whats next? Book your flights of course, book your hotel and find the right wedding venue in Cyprus to have the wedding of your dreams. Many locations and venues available but most important is to find the wedding venue which matches your requirements.

Today we are going to talk about rustic wedding theme. What is rustic for those who do not understand the meaning of the word is : something traditional, country side themed, not modern , old, typical architecture and style if it comes for a building, earth colors if it comes for fabric and decorations.

Rustic wedding theme has been always popular especially if you are having your wedding in a Mediterranean country like Cyprus, it all goes together, the color of the sky, the earthy feeling of the environment, the olive trees the traditional character found in many locations and places.

Rustic wedding decorations
Rustic wedding decorations

So lets start with that check list! Having a rustic wedding theme is not only buying hessian material is many more:

1) First most important is the wedding venue. Have i found the venue which fits perfectly for my rustic theme? You can have a rustic theme anywhere but it stands out when you choose the ideal place

2) Check out as many photos as you can find on the web for this venue. Is important to get the right feedback and idea of how this place looks like. If you can arrange a pre wedding visit abroad well this is perfect, but do you know how many couples book their wedding in Cyprus with out even visiting the island once? Believe me many…and they are not disappointed.

3) Find out what the venue has to offer for your decoration arrangements, for example at Vasilias you can receive through our decoration package wooden chairs, hessian runners, white chair sashes, hanging wooden love hearts, fairy lights, crisp white linen, matching ribbons, jam jars and vases, lanterns, oil burn lanterns, lace, wooden centerpieces, homemade favors, just name what you want. This will save you lots of time and money to buy and transfer all the items you want to add on your table and venue.

4) Choose your colors, keeping it rustic means your color themes are based on earth – pale – soft colors, most popular comes white, light brown, peach, baby pink, light yellow, mint green…etc.

5) Get ideas! A very popular side is Pinterest there you can find thousands of rustic themed wedding photos, this is what i do every time i need something new to improve our wedding services at Vasilias

6) Check out with the venue what is there else to provide apart from your table decorations , if there are any wooden tables available – perfect for a fresh lemonade bar or a candy bar.

7) Flower arrangements : Ideally any spring country side flowers will do, but dont forget, you are planning your rustic wedding in Cyprus, where due to weather conditions not all flowers are available through the year, or if they are you will need to be aware of the cost, since many are imported.

Rustic wedding flowers
Rustic wedding in Cyprus

8) Materials: Lace Lace Lace! Rustic goes with lace and light materials, you can easily throw in your suitcase some meters of material to use around the venue and your tables, if you have no idea how to add it to your decoration theme, just leave your planner or house manager to arrange it for you. Ideally they will have the experience to make the best arrangement for you.

9) Simplicity: Rustic is simple, you just blend the local characteristics of a place with your rustic bits and pieces. No need to over do it, being in a rustic venue of all of my life i realized how many decors are available around offered by the nature and free!

10) Keep calm and trust the planner! I always get excited when brides come with their decors and arrangements, each lady has her own style and imagination, the perfect team i call it : A calm and imaginative bride + a fast and easy going wedding planner = very very nice result!

Happy rustic wedding planning! xx


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