Getting Married in Galway, Ireland

3 of the Best Wedding Venues in Ireland

Ireland is a country filled to the brim with gorgeous sights and views. There is scenery almost everywhere, and the natural, as well as historic man-made beauty demands to be seen. Being so, it is no surprise that Ireland is a dream wedding destination for many. This is not limited to international folk, as even locals seek the most beautiful cities and counties for their destination wedding.

The best wedding venues in Ireland are spread across several regions; however, some regions have said venues in greater concentrations than others.

Gorgeous Galway City : A Destination like No Other

Among all those beautiful regions is County Galway. Located in the West of Ireland, Galway plays host to a multitude of sights that are a wonderful hodgepodge of culture, romance, mysticism, and of course, natural beauty. For couples looking to get married while surrounded by the classic Irish charm and a generous helping of historic romance, there is really no shortage of ideal locations.

From upbeat and contemporary boutique hotels to old countryside lodges, and even grand castles (yes, actual castles!), Galway has everything you could look for is a wedding venue, and then some.
To that end, following are the best wedding locations in Galway, for every taste and personal choice. These locations have been selected with three distinct criteria in mind; namely visual appeal, general ambience and suitability for weddings.

Three Towers Eco Lodges – Loughrea

Starting with a premier outdoors location with quaint little lodges and a beautiful natural setting, the Three Doors Eco Lodges, located in Loughrea, are the perfect wedding venue for you if you are seeking a village vibe and an all-natural, waste-free approach to accommodation.
The lodges are part of the Slieve Aughty Centre, which is an eco-friendly resort and hotel, with extensive grounds and various activities, all promoting oneness with nature and waste-free living. Featuring a number of lodging facilities in the form of individual cottages, Three Towers Eco Lodges boasts the perfect setting for a destination wedding photography in Ireland that is magical and outdoorsy, while still being fairly traditional.

Visual Appeal: Three Towers Eco Lodges is situated in rural Galway, with thick forestry and rolling hills on either side. This lends it quite a unique natural beauty that is difficult to find elsewhere, since the resort itself is a combination of flat ground and woods. Overall; it is naturally beautiful and quaint.
General Ambience: Since the lodges are secluded among the forestry, the ambience is nature-oriented, with trees and bushes growing freely. There are almost no distractions and interruptions from human elements, and the setting is very good for smaller weddings.

Suitability as a Wedding Venue: The Three Towers Eco Lodges are very suitable for smaller, more romantic weddings. This is due to the secluded settings, which present an opportunity for a fairytale theme!

Salthill Hotel

If your ideal wedding location is classy, spacious, and purpose-built for accommodating people and features a view of the Atlantic, then Salthill Hotel is for you. The premier luxury destination, Salthill Hotel has dedicated indoor facilities and an air that clearly suggests ‘champagne and caviar’!
The panoramic views of the ocean, coupled with the plethora of facilities, not to mention several centres for weddings and parties, all make Salthill Hotel perfect for a traditional semi-indoors weddings with a view.

Visual Appeal: The hotel is best summed up as the consummate indoors wedding venue, with facilities geared towards celebratory events such as parties and weddings. The attention to detail in the contemporary décor and effortless style make it great for larger weddings.

General Ambience: A contemporary indoor setting makes for a sophisticated ambience, albeit with no shortage of classic craic, once the drinks start flowing! Since it is of a more social orientation, loud celebrations and parties can be expected, especially if there is a large number of guests attending the wedding!
Suitability as a Wedding Venue: The place is literally optimised for weddings, making it perfect for matrimonial celebrations.

Ashford Castle

And now, the dream wedding venue, and a destination for both the imaginative and the historically-inclined, the biggest and often voted best wedding venue in Ireland! Ashford Castle is situated in Cong, which is middle ground between the counties Galway and Mayo. A grand building with various accommodation options, it is the ultimate in grandeur and classic style, being of course, an Irish castle!

There is so much to choose from in terms of both indoor and outdoor event spaces, and all within the castle and grounds. The large spaces, all of which hark back to the days of horseback travel and blade combat, are marvellously designed and updated to feature the best of luxury and modern finery.

Visual Appeal: In terms of sheer visual magnificence, Ashford Castle is perhaps unmatched. This is partly due to the medieval roots, and partly because of the modern adjustments made afterwards, during the later expansion period. The rooms, of which there are many, are themed according to ancient traditions, and feature some of the finest décor available. Impressive is all respects, Ashford Castle is a sight to behold, both up close and from a distance.

General Ambience: The ambience is decidedly a mixture of old and new, with the ‘new’ aspect of the castle

Suitability as a Wedding Venue: Since there are options for wedding arrangements both inside and out of the castle, the suitability factor is definitely there. It is one of the more expensive venues, which is not surprising, since it is a castle, after all! If cost is immaterial, then Ashford Castle can be the perfect wedding venue. Definitely one of the best wedding venues in Ireland!

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