Romantic florals: 5 alternative ideas for the big day

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of both yours and your partner’slife. It is a day all about the pair of you and the love you have for each other – and therefore should reflect both your personalities.


If you prefer the alternative to the traditional wedding style then you will want this to come across in everything from thedécor, to the dress right down to the bouquet of flowers that you carry down the aisle.


Have you thought about the flowers yet? They may seem insignificant – especially if you haven’t found a venue yet – but they are a very important detail and a finishing touch that can make a huge difference.


If you want to be really alternative, you could surprise your guests with some cute puppies to coo over instead of a bouquet of flowers, like this couple did. But if it is romantic florals you are after, then here are five alternative ideas for your big day:


Button Bouquet

A button bouquet is the perfect keepsake that will be a lasting memory long after your wedding day.


Make this extra special by creating it with buttons or brooches that mean something to you – perhaps a button from a special item of clothing worn by your partner or a brooch handed down to you from your grandma.



Picking flowers from your own, or a relatives or a friend’s garden to create your bouquet will ensure it is incredibly special and personal. If you don’t currently have any flowers growing in your garden that you would like to include, then you need to make sure you plant them well in advance. Not sure what to plant? What could be more romantic than a bunch of roses! Take a look at these roses bushes from Bakker that can easily be grown no matter how big your outdoor space is.



Succulents are becoming more and more popular in bridal flowers and will definitely ensure that your bouquet is given a second look. They come in a wide range of colours, primarily green and grey-blue hues and can be mixed in with more traditional flowers if you wish.



If you enjoy crafts and will be making all the decorations for your wedding, then why not make your bouquet too? A homemade crochet bouquet will be a personal touch and save you money that can then be spent elsewhere – it is already a very expensive day after all. Again, this is a keepsake that will remind you of your special day for many, many years to come.



Do you have a sweet tooth? Then why not swap out flowers for cupcakes!This is quick and easy to create but incredibly effective.


Use the icing and various coloursto give the 3D effect and variety to the flowers. Rather than throwing your bouquet after the wedding, you can hand cupcakes out to all your bridesmaids!


Choose an alternative bouquet over a traditional one and as well as saving yourself money you can create something that is far more personal and last far longer than traditional flowers would have done.

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