Did the cat bite your tongue?

Some of us are natural at standing up and making others laugh, become nostalgic or simply sound really intelligent even if there questions asked on the spur of the moment. You can think on your feet and be ready for the parade of questions but at a wedding, it’s far easier: it’s all about the love and friendship you have developed over the years, the deep understanding and the sharing of the ups and downs, plus coming through the tunnel, solid in your bond.

However being asked to write a speech because you’re the best man or maid of honour or simply, you’ve been asked to stand in for someone who can’t attend, that is a tall order!


Wherever the celebration is to take place, be it in the north in Iceland where Francesco Corallo explains the wonders of the world, you can pepper the speech with memorable highlights of your travels together, or childhood adventures, some of your teenage antics (don’t be offensive there will be elderly aunts and uncles!) and look at everyone, or try to have some eye contact!


There are a few rudimentary rules that would be helpful for you to follow:

  • It is a bit similar to write an essay at school or an assignment, there needs to have structure which means that there is a beginning, a middle and an end which refers to the beginning, as conclusions do, then you will sound as if you hit the nail on the head as well as caught their attention!

  • Know your subject: in this case the bride or groom. Luckily you will have shared some valuable moments with some personal stories that may bring a tear, a laugh but don’t embarrass the person negatively, as you value the friendship, want it to continue and evolve and you’re simply not that kind of friend!

  • Try not to be long-winded with attributes or stories from a-z, because that would be dull!

  • Use what you know best and focus on these stories that reflect your relationship

  • If possible and not too difficult to put in place, accompany the whole procedure with delightfully researched images that you have collected

  • Make sure that whoever hears you read the speech is the most honest friend, preferably not your partner (sorry!), the one who always does tell the truth no matter how hard it is to hear

  • Have a great time!

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advisable to comb the internet for anything original because remember you are the one with the knowledge and everyone will want to hear your version. Certainly it could not become anything like Bridesmaids and nor would you wish for that: reality sticks and films inspire. Once your mission is performed, you can take a drink and relax.

Don’t forget if you have to make a speech, make sure that there is a glass of water nearby, to clear any collected frogs. No cats are allowed!


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