Gay weddings in Cyprus

Who would think a few years ago that gay weddings in Cyprus would be a popular trend  in our big wedding family. Cyprus as a destination attracts many couples wanting to tie the knot in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, why not then attract so many gay couples looking to seal their relationship under the Cyprus sun and dance by the mysterious calls from Goddess Aphrodite …

Gay weddings in Cyprus unfortunately are not legally recognized (yet). This means you can not hold your wedding at the town hall and receive an official and recognized wedding certificate . Hopefully in the future we will have an updated   law recognizing same sex weddings in Cyprus, this would encourage more gay couples to travel to Cyprus and increase the number of wedding couples so far.

Regardless of the non existing recognizing law, still gay weddings can be celebrated in our beautiful island not necessarily by having to do all legalities. You can sign and seal with your other part back home get the paperwork done and fly to Cyprus with family and friends to celebrate in a holiday mood your special decision.   The alternative would be to have a celebration ceremony or a blessing  followed by the wedding dinner and party.

Finding a gay friendly  wedding venue in Cyprus will not be difficult, many businesses  work in a professional and discreet manner where all of your questions and worries for that special day can be easily resolved and taken care of.

So are you the new Mr and Mr wanting to celebrate your love somewhere in the Mediterranean? Start finding out  now of when and how you can get married in Cyprus!

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