Catholic Wedding in Paphos, Cyprus

Religion is important for many couples so this is why they will choose to  have a religious wedding ceremony in Paphos, Cyprus. Its really wonderful to be able to marry abroad  and be able to have it according to your believes. A well established and very organized parish is the Catholic church in Paphos, couples can relax and plan their wedding ceremony together with the church administrator and receive a guideline of what makes their religious wedding legal when held abroad.

The parish of Paphos organizes Catholic Wedding in Paphos, Cyprus  in their 2 dedicated churches the Ayia Kyriaki -St. Pauls Pillar and the St. George chapel. Both located in Paphos area. Many hotels though offer the opportunity to couples that want to get married with a religious ceremony to have their ceremony in their grounds. An example : The Catholic church organized numerous wedding ceremonies at the lovely courtyard of Vasilias Weddings, a private hire wedding venue in Paphos. A beautiful and peaceful setting offering to couples and their guests  tranquility and relaxation during the precious moment of getting married with the blessing of the minister.

Some couples though they prefer to actually hold their wedding in the walls of the church this is again ideal since you can travel to your selected reception venue in Paphos after the ceremony. Vasilias weddings is located not far away from the church – 20 minutes drive- and makes it an ideal combination for a religious ceremony at the church followed by a reception at a traditional rustic environment coupled with Cyprus hospitality. Talking about the drive your ride can be fun and different especially if you hire a local village bus to transfer your guests!



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