10 Things to do in Cyprus in 2014

Cyprus, the island that looks beautiful and welcoming throughout the year is a very popular tourism destination. People flock to this third most populated country in the Mediterranean to have their share of fun and adventure. These are 10 things you should do in Cyprus in 2014.

1. Explore the villages

People looking for a break from their busy work schedules and bustling city life love to explore the villages in Cyprus. Sometimes it would do you good to take a breather and enjoy the slow pace of life. You can enjoy that here and the villagers themselves make sure the visitors are happy and contented. You can marvel at the houses, wander along the lanes and buy their silverware, rugs and other items made exclusively here.

2. Akamas peninsula

To realize the true beauty of Cyprus and to marvel at its diversity, you have to head to the Akamas peninsula, located on the north-west side of Paphos. You must also visit Avakas Gorge which is really interesting; there are portions where the gorge is so steep that even sunlight doesn’t enter it. Enjoy the abundant beauty of the wilderness in Cyprus and watch the lovely Aleppo pine trees. Savour the rustic beauty of the island, go trekking and relish a bike ride.

3. Scuba diving and other water sports

The mesmerizing blue water of Cyprus attracts plenty of water sports. Are you a scuba diver? Then explore the underwater life of Cyprus and visit the fascinating cave structures and mysterious ship wrecks. Zenobia is the most popular Mediterranean ship wreck in the area, located 140 feet below.

4. Lounge at the beach

The eastern coast of Cyprus has a wealth of beaches with its share of beautiful white sand. Or you can head to the quiet waters of the western peninsula if you want to spend some romantic moments with your loved one.

5. Golf

Paphos in Cyprus has four world-class golf courses, so if golf is your passion and sea is your love, Cyprus is where you spend a vacation. Enjoy your favourite game in the midst of breathtaking beauty with landscaped hills offering stunning views. As these golf courses are situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can have many quiet moments to reminiscence. Aphrodite Hills, Minthis Hills Golf Club, SecretValley Golf Club and Elea Golf Club are those main classic clubs. Looking for a hotel near Paphos golf clubs you can take a look at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn a small family run hotel located very close to most of Paphos golf clubs.

6. Troodos mountain

When you are at Cyprus, you must visit Troodos Mountains, the biggest mountain range in Cyprus. You must have heard of Mount Olympus, haven’t you? Well, there is one situated here too and it stands mightily at 1,952 meters. You can visit monasteries, UNESCO sites, and churches here at the mountain.

7. Local Winery

Archaeological findings have revealed the truth that wine production was rampant in Cyprus about 6000 years ago. It proves that in the history of the winemaking Cyprus held an important role. Several grape varieties were cultivated in the country and you can visit the wineries of Cyprus to sample some of the rare varieties.

8. Museums

There are small and large museums in Cyprus, each showcasing different aspect of the history of the country. By visiting these museums, you can see a kaleidoscope of life and events of previous Cypriots and marvel at their intricate architecture. Here is a list of museums you can visit: Cyprus Museum (Archaeology), Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries, Cyprus Jewellers Museum, Ethnological Museum and Museum of the history of Cypriot Coinage.

9. Archaeological buildings

Cyprus is packed with historical wonders. You must visit them, especially since there are three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cyprus alone. The historical treasures also include palaces, fortresses, ancient villas, tombs, fortresses, Roman mosaics and tombs. The Archaeological Park, Royal Manor of Koukila and the ancient city of Marion are all attractions in Paphos.

10. Get married, of course

And lastly, but never ever the least, you must get married in Cyprus. It is alright if you are already married, it is a place to celebrate your anniversary and to renew your vows. Strengthen the bond with your spouse, feel the warmth of love and savour the taste of passion offered in such a dramatically beautiful place.

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