5 ways to personalise wedding invitations for that special touch

Don’t just pop those ready made wedding invitations in envelopes and ship them out. Take some time to personalise them and add that truly special touch your guests will enjoy and you can look back on fondly. But if you’re worried about not being an artist or feel you don’t have a creative flair, here are a few ways to create personalized wedding invitations with ease.


  1. Create inserts that match the theme

As well as the main wedding invitation, you’ll need to let guests know other details such as what they’re eating, where to stay and how to get there. Use an innovative product such as Specialist Crafts Nature Print paper to create stunning backgrounds to write out these details. With Nature Print paper, you can place items such as fallen leaves or flowers onto the paper and then sit in sunlight to expose and transfer an image of the object. Then, you simply rinse with water and leave to dry. You’re left with a stunning print that can then be drawn or written on. Find out more about this clever craft paper here.

  1. Add a decorative touch

Sticking on a simple gem or lace border to ready made invitations can instantly change their look and add a personal touch. You could get fancy with a cut out monogram applied to the top of your invitation to add a little extra texture to the design.


  1. Have a personalised stamp made

A personalised stamp featuring yours and your partner’s name, plus the date of your wedding, is a simple but effective special touch. Once you’ve sealed the envelope, stamp this onto the back for guests to see when they open it later. You can make your own stamp at home – use this tutorial that doesn’t require any carving for perfect results every time.

  1. Work with an illustrator

Have an illustrator draw up a cute picture of you and your partner, your pet and all your favourite things to add to your invitation. These can sit above the ceremony invitation and are a fun, cheery way of brightening up your wedding stationery. Find some inspiration on Pinterest and check out etsy to find the right illustrator to work with.


  1. Do something completely different

Don’t stick with tradition, design your wedding invitations to look like a festival or theatre ticket, have details printed on a balloon guests have to inflate to read or have the invite created on a paper airplane template, fold then send to guests. Choose an alternative design that matches your theme. A film buff wedding would work perfectly with cinema ticket stub design invitations, while a wedding abroad works great when the details are presented in a passport format.


Creating personalised wedding invitations is all about finding what is special to you and your partner and adding a little element of this. You don’t have to be an artist or a whizz on photoshop, all you need is a little time to plan and craft.


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