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Grooming for the Groom: Routines to Start Before the Wedding

Congratulations! You’re engaged, and you’ve finally settled on a date for the wedding. Whether your special day is one month from now or one year from now, you’ve still got a lot of planning to do.


While wedding preparation for the bride is arguably slightly more intense than that of a groom, that doesn’t mean you as the future husband don’t need some prep as well!


Down below are a few routines that you should have in place before your wedding to make sure that you’re confident for the big day.


1. Body


Take care of your health

Before your wedding, you want to make sure that you’re feeling your best. This means making sure to schedule any doctor’s visits that you may need before your wedding. Battling poor health before your big day is a sure way to increase stress and anxiety, potentially affecting your pre-wedding joy. Engaging in healthy habits like eating fruits and vegetables can help keep your health in check and help prevent you from needing serious medical intervention before standing at the end of the aisle.


Get your workouts in

If you have a weight goal or desired body image in mind, creating a workout plan months before the wedding is key. Especially seeing as it can take months to see fitness results. And that’s with consistent exercise, correct form, and the right diet. So, to make sure you’re confident on your big day, get into the routine of exercising a few times a week.

2. Hair

Visit the barber

If you’re not used to seeing a barber regularly, now might be the time to start. At home trims and treatments are great occasionally, but there’s nothing better than letting a professional you trust tend to your hair. A professional knows exactly what to look for and how to make your hair look its best while maintaining its health. Getting into the habit of seeing a barber will prevent you from having to do anything drastic weeks before your wedding.


Incorporate hair treatments

Between barber’s visits, you still have to take care of your hair on your own time. This means developing a routine that consists of products that your hair needs. Having a moisturizing shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and a styling oil are great places to start. Additional products to incorporate are a deep condition treatment if you have dry, lackluster hair and hair loss solution like Finasteride for men if you are experiencing hair thinning.


3. Skin

Consult a dermatologist

If you experience problems with your skin, see a dermatologist before your wedding. They can help you to figure out the cause of your skin problem and the best course of action for fixing it. Everything from changing your pillowcases more often to trying a specialized skin treatment can help correct your problem areas. Even your diet can play a role in your skin, so make sure you’re eating healthy in the weeks leading up to your wedding.



Try to reduce stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your skin. While you can’t reduce all of your stress when planning the wedding, there are some things you can control. Your venue is one of them. Don’t wait until the last minute to choose a location. Do your research, and find a place that is beautiful yet functional. Weddings in Cyprus are ideal as the venues located there have a mix between modern facilities and timeless scenery, giving you the perfect picturesque wedding.

4. Teeth

Visit a dentist

Again, confidence and self-esteem are everything when it comes to preparing for a wedding. You want to make sure that anything that you may feel slightly insecure about is in tip-top shape for the big day. If your teeth are a source of stress, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Don’t put off that root canal, teeth whitening, or cavity filling any longer. Get these things fixed so you smile for wedding photos with ease without worrying over tooth pain or yellowness.



Hopefully, this gives you an idea of some routines to start before your wedding day. Just remember, enjoy the day and don’t stress! Everything will work out perfectly.

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