Is It Possible To Have A Discounted Wedding In Cyprus?

Saving money and still having a fairytale like wedding seems like an impossible dream, does it? Not anymore, because you can plan a little carefully and still enjoy all the exploits of a luxurious wedding. When you choose Paphos as your wedding destination, you are choosing a fairytale destination, what with its perfect Mediterranean climate, the luscious sea by your side and the lovely scented flowers all in full bloom. And now, is it possible have a discount wedding in one of the most beautiful destinations of the world? Yes, it is. Here are some tips:

Planning your guest list

One of the first things that you have to plan is the guest list. When the list gets bloated, the intimacy of the event is lost. So make sure the guest list is small, but include all the important people in your life. It takes careful planning, but it is worth the effort.

Calling for all the talent within your family and friends

A wedding is the celebration of love between two souls. And during this celebration there will be lots of fun and music. This is the time to call for all the talented people in your family and have a major event. When you do it this way, you not only add life to the event, you will also make it a day that will be etched in your memory forever. You don’t have to hire any professional music bands to make this event successful. If you are looking for a discount wedding, this would be a great idea.

Let your friends be the paparazzi

You know that only photographers can help you capture those best moments in life and freeze them in memory. So instead of hiring professional photographers, you can invite your friends to click. Your friends will know exactly what expressions to capture and when to do it. A professional may not be able to do it that successfully, because after all, it is your group, your family and your friends. Arrange for plenty of disposable, but good quality cameras and watch your friends click away. You can even propose a prize for the best candid shot. How’s that for starters?

The last tip is the most important…

The venue – When you have your wedding at Vasilias Nikoklis you will get married in the most charming venue in Cyprus. But that is not what makes it special. The rates at Vasilias Nikoklis are perfectly economical so brides and grooms venue like Vasilias, you don’t have to share your space with anyone. You have absolute and exclusive use of the venue. And the view is simply stunning. You can enjoy the Mediterranean climate, have a good time drinking good wine and eating good food and your guests will be complementing on your choice of venue. Can anything get better than this?

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