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The Perfect Proposal

Any couple must have pondered about the perfect proposal which their relationship deserve and doing so, should have come across many proposal ideas from friends and family. Besides, ample of movies and the internet is flooded with hundred of romantic proposal ideas which might have been fascinating your beloved since long. Therefore, the responsibility of bringing out the uniqueness in your proposal totally rests on your shoulders.


But, what is the perfect proposal? To be honest, there isn’t any rule book as to what proposal idea might make your girl’s dream proposal come true and make it the perfect proposal to cherish the memory forever. Thus, it totally depends on personal choices and paying closer attention to the romantic conversations with your girl, as it might help you plan the proposal accordingly.


However, one shouldn’t despair if they have missed the hints and know that albeit the dream proposal differ from person to person, there is still a common ground to the perfect engagement proposal. That being, timing, location and the engagement ring. The combination of these three things according to the personality and personal preferences of the person can make your proposal unique and memorable.


The Perfect Proposal Timing


So, the first question arising is when should you propose? Again, the answer completely depends on the personal choices, however, in any adult relationship, women start expecting a proposal when the relationship crosses the two year mark. Thus, if you have been picking up hints that your relationship is ready for the next level of commitment, then it might be the time you started planning.

Although, holiday seasons December and January are mostly preferred by men to make the confession but women seems to prefer the time when they least expect and are delighted when taken by surprise. Thus, we advise men to choose a time which is of significance and meaningful for both of you like the day you first met. It can be anything of personal significance.


The Perfect Proposal Location


Again, the world is vast, any famous location can suffice to create an everlasting memory like a proposal at the Eiffel Tower of Paris or any exotic abandoned beach. But such ideas are quite common and might take away the element of surprise.

Therefore, it would be better if the proposal location remains neutral as well as of some significance. For instance, it can be the city you both stayed in while in transit during your first trip together, a few years back, or it can be a location that you where born or lived during your childhood. Many go back to visit Cyprus and decide on a wedding venue there.

Whatever location you choose, the personal significance and connection to it will make it the perfect proposal location.


You can even be more creative and with an insight in future decide the proposal location to be the place you would want to reveal as the wedding location to your better half. Considering your future insights for the relationship, your girl would be more delighted with the surprise. For such proposal idea, you can look for the wedding venues in Cyprus as your proposal location.


The Perfect Proposal Rings


Once you have decided the time and location of your proposal, what remains now is the perfect proposal ring that will make all the difference. After all, it is the engagement ring that will be a constant reminder of the memory created on the day of proposal. Yet again, the choice of the engagement ring will depend on the personal preference of your girl.


In most cases, the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring will be a fitting choice for the proposal. However, if you do think that something non-traditional will be a better option for your would be wife, then you can explore the exquisite range of promise rings offered by Rosec Jewels Online. They are a great and affordable online marketplace to buy handcrafted engagement rings and promise rings for every occasion.




In conclusion to the above mentioned suggestions for the perfect proposal, our final advise for you shall be to decide or choose the location, timing and rings according to the personal preference or significance to you both love birds. After all, it is your love story and only you both can make it an unique memory.


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