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One of the most important factors in planning for a successful wedding day must surely be the weather. While it is by no means the end of the world if it rains, every couple looks forward to those beautiful outdoor wedding pictures that they can treasure for the rest of their lives. This explains why so many couples choose to hold their weddings abroad and why Cyprus is one of their top choices for a wedding ceremony and reception in the sun.

With an average in excess of 320 days of sunshine every single year, the sunny island of Cyprus is the perfect place for your wedding day, but there are plenty of other reasons why this beautiful country is such an ideal venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why so many happy couples have already chosen Cyprus for their weddings over the years and why you should follow their example and do the same.

Guaranteed beautiful weather

As we have already mentioned, Cyprus is one place where you won’t have to worry about the weather, but we appreciate that a warm sunny day may not be everyone’s ideal climate. If you love the idea of marrying in sunny Cyprus but you prefer a cooler climate, Cyprus may still be the place for your wedding.

The stunning natural beauty of the Troodos Mountains provides a cool and pleasant environment even during the warmest months of the year and this cool air moves down towards the coast. Choosing the right venue for your Cyprus wedding allows couples to take advantage of the cool breezes that come down off the mountains and also in from the clear blue Mediterranean Sea up through the dry river valleys.

Cyprus – the perfect place to explore

Most couples that choose Cyprus for the location of their wedding also combine the event with a relaxing holiday and there is no shortage of places to visit on the Island. Steeped in a rich cultural history that dates back to before the roots of Christianity, Cyprus is packed full of interesting and fascinating places to explore. From ruined cities that date back to the Romans and Greeks to ancient religious shrines including the reputed birthplace of the mythical Goddess of love and sexual rapture Aphrodite herself.

Whether you want to combine your Cyprus marriage with a relaxing sun, sea, and sand beach holiday, lounging around an exclusive luxury pool, or exploring the numerous historic sites, there is no shortage of things to do.

Friendly and welcoming locals

Something else that keeps European visitors coming back to Cyprus year after year is the friendly and welcoming Cypriot people. Many of those who have holidayed on the island have also chosen it as their wedding venue thanks to the warm and friendly welcome they received. Conversely, many couples that have married in Cyprus then continue to return for their holiday’s year on year.

With English taught as a second language from primary school age upwards and a huge British influence following the countries governance of the island right up until 1960, many UK couples have described it as a home from home.

Cypriots even drive on the same side of the road as UK drivers and the country has a modern highway network that is a joy to use with far less traffic than most other European countries. What makes the place so welcoming, however, is the people themselves who are among the most welcoming and friendly in the world.

Delicious food and beautiful wines

The Mediterranean diet has long been cited as one of the healthiest in the world and Cypriot food provides a tasty blend of the highly nutritious fair. From traditionally slow-cooked lamb kleftico to tasty vine leaves, olives, and locally grown fruits, Cyprus is one country where you could easily live exclusively off the bounty of the land. Famous for her potatoes and tomatoes, Cyprus produce is exported all over the world and when you taste the local cuisine you will instantly know why.

The island is also ideal wine producing country and so you can rest assured that there will be plenty of fine wines to serve at your wedding meal. One of the unique facts about Cyprus wine is that unlike some other countries, the cheaper local table wine tastes absolutely beautiful. It is no surprise that there are several “wine routes” or excursions that visit some of the many wineries around the Island for tasting, history, and of course the odd bottle or two to enjoy after a hard days sightseeing.

Exclusive and unique wedding venues

Cyprus boasts huge areas of beautiful countryside that is home to a relatively small number of indigenous inhabitants and it follows that once you leave the major towns and resorts there is room to breathe. There are some hidden gems nestling in this stunning rural landscape including traditional local taverns and some unique venues that cater for intimate and exclusive Cyprus weddings.

Finding such a venue for your Cyprus wedding would bring together every one of the great benefits of marrying on the island in one convenient location. If you can imagine a Cyprus wedding venue that takes care of every aspect of your big day and even offers modern accommodation in a traditional setting, you have already imagined the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn near Paphos in Cyprus.

When it comes to intimate and romantic Cyprus weddings that are hosted in a unique and exclusive location, somewhere close to a major town that also offers peace and tranquillity is likely to be a number one choice. Set in the most beautiful Cyprus countryside and provided for the exclusive use of your wedding party, a venue that includes everything from food and drink to ensuite rooms, this is Vasilias Nikoklis Inn.

Rustic wedding venue

To learn more about how to book and plan the perfect wedding in Cyprus at the beautiful Vasilias Nikoklis Inn Contact the Vasilias Weddings team now and find out how we can help you to make your Cyprus wedding day one you will treasure for a lifetime.

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