How to plan your own wedding for free?

How to plan your own wedding for free?

Your wedding is probably a one-time event and to make it really special, you’ve got to plan ahead. The thrill of planning a glorious event like this is sometimes clouded by the trials and tribulations that go into it. Actually, there is no need to get worried because you can plan the day’s event in a step-by-step manner. There are plenty of apps that will help you plan your wedding and that too for free. Of course, there are wedding planners and they will help you with each and minute detail of the wedding. But in certain cases, you will want to do things yourself, in order to feel the thrill of event planning. So how do you do it?

Have a look at what all things you can do yourself, when you plan your wedding:

Budget tracker

The term budget is like the trapeze at the circus. You are taking off on scary grounds when you plan the budget. Ten to one, chances are that you will never be able to make your funds stay within the budget. With a budget tracker, you will be able to plan it accordingly, at least to a certain level. Anyway, it is much better than not having a budget plan at all. You can track your budget with the help of Google spreadsheet.

Oh yes, and while you plan your wedding, you must decide how many people you are going to invite, whether it would be a small wedding or whether you are going to have all your friends, colleagues and relatives to share with you on your special occasion and make it a really big one. While planning your budget, you have to decide on a number of things, namely the venue, the date of the wedding (are you getting wed at the prime wedding season; the rates for venues will vary then), food, wine, other drinks, music, flowers and so on. Everything costs plenty of money during the wedding season, so if you are on a budget, then you have to plan it for some other time. Note everything down in the budget tracker, your Google spreadsheet and tick off everything that you have settled and arranged.

The beauty of planning your wedding is that you can customize it any time, change the plans according to your convenience. However, when you arrange for different vendors for the wedding arrangements, namely for flowers, music, food, drinks, events, stage decorations and other aspects of the wedding, you must get everything in writing. It will prevent confusions and you can always refer to the official contract when in doubt.

Keeping a record of invitations and gifts

Your wedding planner can also serve its purpose after the wedding. Definitely, you will be overloaded with blessings that come in the form of material presents, and to keep a record of who gave what, you need to note them in the planner. People may gift in person, through mails, even as home deliveries, so this is the only way to keep track of it.

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