Wedding planning abroad

Back to work from a long and enjoyable winter break, getting ready for a new wedding season at Vasilias, time to plan and organize another lot of beautiful weddings in Cyprus

Marry in Cyprus

Planning is not always an easy job, specially when planning a wedding abroad. Most of our brides are located in Uk and they book their wedding in Cyprus with  a majority of them not ever visited the venue once! This is when our role as wedding planners comes out to be very important, representing a wedding venue abroad takes a lot of effort to include all details in just a brochure, you need to be  really  close to the couple’s needs and requests in order to fulfill their inquiries and be part of their special day in Cyprus.

Cyprus wedding ceremony


Understanding the couples needs and requests is the most important part of planning, you need to repeat your self many times so everything is clear and understood, and also listen to many things many times which is again part of the process..  this sounds a bit strict and tiring but better strict and tired than last minute running on a wedding day!

Final touches
Final touches

From beginning of the planning till when the last guest says goodnight  at the end of the wedding party full attention is requested and a big smile, i find it easier to work with a smile than keeping my self serious and in distance, makes it easier to blend in with the people invited and find out if they are happy and what they need.

Here we go again! Happy planning brides and grooms of 2015! Looking forward to meet you all in person  and be a part of your most important day in your life!

Christina xx

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