Top 7 Tips for Popping the Question

Popping the question is the most daunting task most men ever face, and rightly so, seeing as so much rides on her saying ‘Yes!’, so leave nothing to chance by taking these handy tips into account, and don’t forget the ring!


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  1. Avoid the expected

Although some women aren’t remotely shy about hinting at a date they’re expecting to be proposed to on – and you won’t want to disappoint them there – it’s all part of the magical proposal process to avoid the unexpected by proposing to them at a time they least expect. Whilst expected dates are something to avoid, the engagement ring she’s been expecting isn’t, though if you’re proposing with a ring she isn’t expecting – make sure it surpasses her expectations.

  1. Be prepared

Preparation is key here, though you could continue to bumble about if she finds that endearing. Prepare the proposal well in advance and don’t leave anything to chance by thinking about everything that could go wrong and planning accordingly. It’s probably advantageous to allow yourself some room to move but don’t deviate off course too much.

  1. Surprise don’t shock

In an age of extreme proposals many men, and indeed quite a few women, have set themselves the task of shocking their partners with extreme proposals that have the tendency to backfire – often in a big way. The art of proposing involves surprises, not shocks, plus you don’t want them to have a heart attack after being arrested or something similarly outlandish.

  1. Don’t leave a trail

This follows on from the previous point in that proposals should be surprising, perhaps they suspect something is up and they’ll no doubt want something to happen, but try your hardest to keep the surprise a surprise. Depending on what you’ve planned, don’t leave receipts for engagement jewellery lying around, make restaurant or hotel reservations when she’s not present and if you choose to tell your friends – they might be able to make suggestions or even help out with the surprise – ensure they keep quiet!

  1. Make it personal

The proposal should be a personal experience so treat it like you’re appealing to their interests, senses and tastes – which you are in many regards – by planning the proposal around what they’re interested in and what they like, not what you’re into. This is also the case with the ring accompanying the question, give some thought to the jewellery she likes but don’t ask questions which will give the surprise away.

  1. Relax – don’t blurt!

Daunting, stressful, troubling, worrisome – these are all adjectives that could easily describe an otherwise usually composed man prior to popping the question even though he’s done everything right, including procuring the perfect diamond engagement ring from thediamondstore. It’s only natural that a man would be nervous before he pops the big question – proposals are after all the time in which a man is exposed more so than any other time in his life – take a big breath, or three, and say what you’ve practiced saying a million times, even if you fluff it she’ll still be overjoyed.

  1. Don’t forget how memorable it was – take photos!

How memorable was that proposal? A good question and one that a few years later both you and your spouse might be struggling to answer – so take photos! If you’ve proposed in a restaurant or public place ask someone else to take a couple of photos, if the people near you are aware that you’ve just proposed and she’s accepted they’ll be very happy to take a photo to help you preserve the special moment – who wouldn’t?




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