How Do You Plan Your Dream Wedding In Paphos?

Whether you are a proactive bride or not, planning a wedding can give you the jitters; it is perfectly understandable. So how do you take the stress out of planning a wedding in Paphos and make it all a dreamy event?


Planning a wedding is not as intimidating and overwhelming as you think it is. You get in touch with a reputed wedding event organizer and leave it all to them. The agency will be your official wedding planner and will be competent enough to make one of the most important days in your life memorable and thrilling in every sense of the word. Vasilias Weddings has organised over 200+ weddings so you can trust their experience.


Your wedding is the official celebration of your commitment to each other, and of course, undying love. So when you plan your wedding, it should be an event that reflects all your feelings to your partner. That doesn’t mean you have to be indulgent with your money. Of course you can be, if you have plenty. But being indulgent with your love, care and affection is always possible, nothing can stand in the way of that. You can start your wedding planning by thinking about what kind of a wedding you need. The other major thing you have to consider is to choose a wedding destination. You have zeroed in on Cyprus, which is a wonderful decision because this island is one of the best places to get married. The island is famous, not only for its stunning scenery and rugged coastlines, but also for its weddings. Do you want it to be a simple event with just your immediate family and friends or do you want to invite a lot of people and make it a celebration of sorts? How do you want your wedding day to start? What all events do you expect to happen that day? And in what chronological order? These are the other questions that you can ask yourself next.

Here are a few things that you will definitely have to consider while planning your Paphos wedding:

• Planning a budget and keeping up with it
• Choosing your bridal attire and jewellery, including wedding rings
• The wedding list
• Venue and catering

Certainly, it does sound hassling because you have to attend to a number of things. And there is one way to make it easier for you and that is to get in touch with the professionals at Vasilias Weddings. Now why should you be calling Vasilias Weddings when there are so many venues in Cyprus? Simple.

• We have one of the best weddings venues in Paphos
• You get exclusive use of the venue, when you are getting married in Vasilias Weddings, you have the venue to yourself. No sharing with anyone.
• The stunning scenery, the view of the Mediterranean, the well-maintained landscapes and the invigorating atmosphere.
• If you want to see more reasons, then probably you should head to and have a look at what all our happy brides have to say in our Vasilias Weddings Facebook page

So, what are you waiting for? Call them today to plan your Paphos wedding.

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