Wedding Venues in Cyprus: How to choose one

Is marriage on the cards for you? Then strap your seat belts and prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride till your wedding day. Because it is not easy. You have so many intricate details to plan and execute that you cannot afford to leave out any aspect of the big function. Of course, you have chosen your groom, which is probably the hardest part of all, but you still have

to so many other things to take care of. Though the prospect of planning your wedding may seem a bit daunting in the beginning, you can ease the stress by being a careful planner and thoughtful researcher. While you busy yourself with the intricate details of getting married in Cyprus, what have you decided about the venue? Here are some interesting tips on choosing wedding venues in Cyprus.
Feel the vibes – When you visit the different venues with or without your fiancé, you must be able to feel a particular kind of vibe with the venue. The venue must understand you and you should be able to understand the vibes emanating from there. Every venue has something to tell you, listen to it and you will be able to come to a conclusion. Trust your instincts; you can never go wrong. Check our gallery for more inspiration.
The size of the venue – Of course, the size of the venue will depend on how many guests you are inviting. If you are planning to have a large party, then naturally you should book for a large hall so all the guests will be comfortable. If the party is small, then you can have a smaller hall because it will be more intimate and private. And yes, there must be ample space for dancing too. Vasilias Weddings has the advantage that offers exclusive use for that special night. So you can keep rest that the venue will only have your guests on that day!
Find out if you can hire your own caterer and florist – Most wedding venues Cyprus have their own florists and caterers, they don’t allow for outsiders to do this job. So clear that during your first visit to all the venues, so you won’t have any confusions later on.

Vasilias Weddings has a wide range of associates that works together to guarantee top quality.
A recommended venue – When you are on the lookout for a good venue in Cyprus, then probably your search will end at Vasilias Nikoklis. There are so many advantages of booking your wedding at this venue because you have all the freedom of planning and executing your wedding in any way you want. Not only will you get exclusive use of the wedding hall during the entire day, but you will also be able to treat your guests to some exclusive sceneries of the Mediterranean. This well-maintained venue will be perfect during all seasons, especially since they have attractive rates for each season.


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