How To Decide On The Wedding Dress

How To Decide On The Wedding Dress

It is your wedding! You are the bride and you have dreamed of this day since you were a little girl. Now, imagine this situation. You forgot to give enough time and consideration while ordering your wedding dress, as a result of which you’ve discovered that it doesn’t fit you at all. It is in fact, highlighting the flaws and hiding your best assets. Isn’t that enough to go into depression mode and cry your eyes out? Yet, it happens very often and many brides find themselves taking hasty decisions regarding the wedding dress just days before the wedding.

Here are certain other things that can go wrong for her wedding dress:

  • Her gown didn’t reach on time; she had to rush out to the store and grab the first thing her hand fell on
  • The gown she ordered looked magnificent in the pictures, but fits her like a sack of potatoes
  • The design and the cut doesn’t suit her shape at all
  • The picture of the wedding gown and the original doesn’t even look the same; the original looks ridiculous

These are just some of the things that can go wrong with your dress, so you can imagine the rest. Here are certain tips for you to get the wedding dress of your dreams.

Accentuate your figure

Whatever style you choose, remember that it must accentuate your figure perfectly. Your wedding would
be the most memorable occasion of your life, so try your best to get the best dress that you can afford. True, your wedding dress is something you wouldn’t probably wear after the wedding day; it would be stored and packed away, but it is also something that will be the highlight during the big day and you will get wonderful pictures of it. Therefore, the dress you select must look good on camera too.


Remember, any dress that you choose would require alterations, so always ensure that your dress reaches your home at least 2 months before the wedding. Don’t wait for the last minute to do the alterations. Keep a margin of one month while you order the dress – the final product should reach you one month before the wedding. The budget for the wedding dress should be planned carefully because you have to get the underwear, shoes, heirlooms, train and so on. There are stores that sell affordable wedding dresses so brides on a budget can still look their glamorous best.

Your hair and makeup too!

While on the topic of wedding dresses, it seems fit to decide on your hair and makeup too. Both these aspects of your bridal attire take up a lot of time and since you’ve got to decide on a number of things related to your wedding, you’ve got to really plan ahead. You can always hire a professional bridal consultant to look through the different hair options that will suit your wedding dress. Of course, it should suit your face too. You can even ask the make-up specialist to stay with you throughout the wedding ceremony to do necessary touch ups and change your hairdos to keep you looking fresh and lively. To have a rehearsal of your complete attire, you can have the specialist to come in for a trial 3-5 weeks before the wedding.

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