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Rustic Style Wedding in Cyprus

Are rustic and barn weddings on the uptrend? The answer would be yes. Traditional rustic wedding, filled with lots of mason jars and burlap elements, has been the dream of many.

Ever feel like if you have seen a wedding venue, it seems like you have seen them all? If you are searching for something different to seal your love with friends and family, here is the hand-picked selection of stunning venue offering a twist on tradition and a touch of dreaminess to boot. So let your Cyprus Insider lead you towards the best dream wedding ever.

Now attracting visitors from near and far, the stunning location of Paphos is the perfect place to host your dream wedding. Celebrate your love with endless panoramic views across the undulating countryside.

Situated in the picturesque valley of Diarizos in the Paphos region sits the ultimate rustic wedding venue – Vasilias Nikoklis Inn. The rustic surrounding lets you enjoy the beauty of nature and will take all the hustles of life away.

The rustic and unique inn nestled in the beautiful Cyprus countryside. The artistic and traditional details of the inn make it the most unique and intimate place for your dream wedding. The venue, being surrounded by lush and beautiful nature, is truly a breathtaking sight.

Completely private and away from all the bumps in your life, Vasilias Nikoklis Inn offers bespoke exclusivity for your wedding day with the stoned walls in the Cyprus countryside. Beautiful gardens surrounding the entire venue and the tranquil atmosphere depicts the long and fascinating history.

It has always been our top priority to renovate what has initially been a beautiful family-owned inn, intending to remain true to its ancient heritage. It has been ensured to keep the original style the same while incorporating various touches. The venue is the ultimate source of pride and joy, and therefore we have given our heart and soul to its every feature.

It has always been said, and we also believe that Vasilias Nikoklis Inn has a special aura. This can be understood as soon you walk into the venue. We believe that the venue has its deep roots dived in history of village tavern which blesses the entire arena a special touch. However, some couples have described it as their “meant to be venue”.

The entire team has been the backbone of the venue, sharing a deep passion for its history and ensuring that all of the attention to details has been carried out.

The team and guests are considered part of our Nikoklis’ family, which makes this the motivation for us to go above and beyond to ensure every aspect of your rustic wedding day is the same as you have ever wanted.

Our family-owned inn welcomes the guests and visitors to enjoy traditional food with good old-fashioned Cypriot hospitality. Not only this, but our chefs take great pride in all of the menu offered.

How about adding an authentic Cyprus touch to your rustic and traditional wedding? We have it especially designed for couples to incorporate a warm touch to their big day. We always welcome our clients to feel free to suggest any ideas and suggestions for their one in a lifetime event. We are here to make a difference and surpass your rustic theme wedding.

Vasilias Nikoklis Inn welcome you all wholeheartedly and wish you continued love and happiness throughout the years to come.

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