Wedding Hair Accessories To Match Your Mood… and Your Groom’s

Your boyfriend has just proposed to you and you agreed with all your heart. Finally, when you come down to earth you realise that there are so many things for you to plan and do. Choosing a destination for your wedding, venue, bridal attire, guest list, caterers – the list goes and on and on. What are you going to wear? How will be your hair? What jewellery will you be wearing? When you get down to the brass tacks more questions will plague you. There are articles galore that teach you how to choose hair accessories and jewellery for your wedding day. But they have all got your confused, haven’t they? You need simple advice on how to select

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accessories that will make your day bright, well probably, not as bright as you would be on that day. Here are some easy tips you can remember:

The first and foremost tip is that your bridal attire, your hair, makeup and your jewellery should complement one another. The perfect co-ordination of all these accessories will make you beautiful beyond words.

Unadorned hair is beautiful, those cascading locks of hair falling down your shoulders is enough to make you look stunning. As a second tip, remember to buy hair extensions to add volume and bounce to your hair. But it is your wedding day and you have to take special care to adorn your hair. If you wish to let down your hair, then you need to choose weighty accessories, not the dainty ones. On the other hand, if you choose to wear your hair in a bun, you can go for all those delicate ones. Maybe a high ballerina style would make you stunning, see what your wedding/makeup consultant would tell you.

Third tip. When you buy your bridal attire, you check out everything, even to the last detail and from all angles. Similarly, you must spend time and check the hairpiece for any minute flaws. If it doesn’t suit your hairstyle or your gown, remove it. Of course, to complement with the gown, the hairpiece should be a perfect match. But that doesn’t mean they should be of the same colour. A hairpiece made of metal would be a perfect match for a vintage-style gown. For a modern gown, you can choose one embedded with crystals.

A Final tip. The headpiece should be placed at a strategic point. Your look can change based on where you place it. The higher you place the comb, the dramatic you are going to look. You can create a completely different look by placing it flat against your head.

A last word: Your accessories should enhance your looks not distract people. Based on these tips, you can proceed with your wedding plans. Meanwhile you can check out this site for more tips –

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