Organizing a wedding abroad

Organizing a wedding  abroad sounds like a big adventure doesn’t it? Firstly is important that you are 100% sure and positive to do so, otherwise this will cause you many heartbeats during your planning and waiting time till your special day. Based as a  wedding planner in Cyprus  gives me the opportunity to liaise with hundreds of couples per year from beginning till the end. Number one rule is to gain the trust from the couple, this makes booking and planning the wedding very easy as you can present and prove your self as a professional, guiding  the bride and groom knowing that they are in safe hands.

Lets see below some basic steps in organizing a wedding  abroad:

1. Choosing the country : Many lovely spots around the world to tie the knot, probably your choice will be based according to your budget, ease of access, simple legalities, number of guests attending, safe country to travel around .

2. Wedding planner research: Which of the wedding planners will stand out from the rest, what have to offer and what reputation they have. Keep your list short try not to contact as many as possible as this may cause a little bit of confusion of whats there to hire and arrange. Try to connect with an established wedding planner having all licences to operate as a wedding planner, ask them to call you, listen of what is there.

3. Wedding ceremony: Is it civil? Is it religious? Is it a blessing? Having decided of what is your best type of ceremony then minimize your options to a list of preferred ceremony venues in Cyprus . This will help you choose easy and book the date and time you prefer than having to take what is left last.

4. Reception venue: What is your dream venue? Most of our brides when firstly asked they said by the minute i saw Vasilias website and photos their  heart start to beat really fast! Well believe it or not this is how you will choose more or less your Cyprus reception venue, you may wonder why but the choice of the venue has the same effect  as you first saw your husband to be, as when you first saw your bridal dress. You just know this is the one! Choosing the venue is like making the choice on behalf of your guest and family, you want it to be right for everyone, you want to have moments to remember, photos to take your breath away even when years are passing by.

wedding venue abroad
wedding venue abroad

5. Be flexible and ask: Organizing a wedding abroad means that you are travelling away from home to celebrate your most precious day in life. Things might not be the same as back home, check out the culture of the place you are visiting. Has it got a good reputation for your type of wedding? Are the authorities responsive of what are the legalities and documentation requested? Does the venue offer a variety of meals so all guests are well looked after? Do the suppliers speak English? Make sure you make a list of what you want and compare it of what is there to be offered.

6. Look after your money: Make sure you send your money in a well established company, ask for receipts, keep all bank credit card details in a file. No doubt in Cyprus you can find trusted wedding planners and wedding venues that you can hire and plan the wedding of your dreams!


wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony



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