How Get the Most Out of Your Honeymoon



Your wedding in day in Cyprus has come and gone and you’re proud to say, you’ve truly had the best day of your life.  Now, cue the relaxation.  A honeymoon is the time to let go of the stress wedding planning can cause and embrace the start of newlywed bliss.  Whether you’ve booked a week in the Caribbean to lay on the beach or a backpacking trip through Europe, one thing’s inevitable; you want to make the most out of your one on on time with your new spouse.  Keep reading for some tips to make this a trip you’ll remember for years to come.


Choose a destination you’ll both enjoy

Since the honeymoon is intended for both of you, it’s crucial you pick a place you’re both interested in visiting.  Many couples who enjoy sipping umbrella drinks and relaxing on the beach opt for an all inclusive resort as their honeymoon destination.  The options and locations are endless when it comes to vacationing at an all inclusive and you can truly leave reality and your worries behind!  However, if you and your significant other are seekers of adventure, a more thrill seeking option like hiking trip or backpacking through Europe might be more your speed!  Options for these types of adventures are also endless and will make for some great stories about how you saw the northern lights or bathed in a natural hot spring!  Whether you’re the veg out and relax type or a non-stop thrill seeker, it’s important to agree on a honeymoon destination that makes you both happy!


Plan excursions

If you opt for an all inclusive beach honeymoon, it’s pretty likely your resort will offer excursions. These short trips will take you away from the resort on what can feel like a vacation inside your vacation.  Through an excursion, you’ll experience some unique areas your honeymoon destination has to offer.  If you’re unsure what excursions are available, visit your resort’s website or check in with the concierge upon your arrival for more info. Can you imagine snorkeling around the coral reefs of Hawaii or zip lining through the Costa Rica rainforest? What an experience!  On the other hand, if you opt for a more adventurous honeymoon, everyday can be a new excursion!  This type of honeymoon may also allow you to learn more about one another if faced with any bumps along the way of your trip!





Get intimate

Over the last year or so, most of your time and energy was devoted to wedding planning.  This probably didn’t leave much room for intimacy with your significant other.  A honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to reconnect in the bedroom or wherever you may be spending your nights.  Guys, if the stress from planning a wedding and travelling has got you feeling a little inadequate in this area,  be sure to pack some Sildenafil to keep things in check and make up for lost time.  There’s nothing more exciting then getting to really know one another in an exotic location so be sure to make the most of it! 



Don’t be shy when it comes to eating and drinking

One of the best parts of travelling is experiencing the cuisine in different destinations.  If you’re staying at an all inclusive resort, chances are you’ve paid for your food and drink up front.  Why not take full advantage and indulge in some delicious meals?  Most resorts have themed restaurants on site. If you and your spouse are foodies, you may want to choose where you stay based on resorts with the best food.  You can then plan your meals ahead by checking the resort website, or decide as you go.  If you’re travelling through a country or to several destinations, you’ll also want to do some research before you go.  Look into places the locals go in order to get the best experience that location has to offer.  Either way, your skinny jeans may not fit them same when you arrive back home, but isn’t that what vacation’s all about?       


Honeymoons may vary in length of time and location chosen, but one thing holds true no matter the couple; a honeymoon is a vacation you’ve earned through planning a wedding and it’s an opportunity to spend one on one time together.  Following these steps can help ensure you make the most of your experience before you head back to everyday reality.

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