Say “I Do” In One Of The Best Destinations In The World – Cyprus

The best thing about getting married in Cyprus is that you can invite all your near and dear ones to a single destination. If your relatives are spread across the continent, then this is the best option. And that’s not all. When the wedding ceremony and reception is in Cyprus, you can enjoy a honeymoon there as well. With its beautiful beaches and other interesting buildings, you have plenty of places to hang out. This new trend, called the wedding holiday is getting extremely popular in UK.

Weddings in Cyprus 2014 are easy to arrange because there is no formality to confuse you. Getting the paperwork is also quick and easy. Of course, you need to make a couple of trips to Cyprus to make sure you have the perfect venue, the perfect theme and that everything will be in perfect rhythm. Lack of proper communication can cause unpleasant surprises and you don’t want that to happen, right?

The venue

Choosing a venue could be the hardest part of the weddings in Cyprus 2014. You need the hall to be intimate and yet, spacious. You can make it possible by hiring the venue provided by Vasilias Weddings. This venue would be ideal for both small parties and large family gatherings. Not only is it the favourite choice for brides, but it will also be perfect for that much needed privacy. They will also help you hire a professional photographer so you can carry home plenty of memorable photographs. You can also expect a representative to be there with you; discreetly however, to make sure everything goes well. From the moment you arrive for the wedding, till the time you take off for your honeymoon, you will be helped with every small detail.

Getting married in a wonderful layout with red carpet, flowers and flowing music – doesn’t that appeal to you?

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