Wedding ceremonies in Cyprus

Beautiful weather, lovely sense of jasmine in the air, close family and friends, a stunning bride and an anxious groom, this moment always brings me tears.

It only lasts 15-20 minutes to say yes and sign your wedding certificate but during these few minutes you can see a year or two of wedding planning passing right in front of your eyes. Where is the ceremony set up? How many guests we can fit ? What type of seating arrangements can we have? How many stairs are there before coming down to the aisle? What music should i play? Is it hot is it cool during August? What type of flowers are in your yard during that time? Yessssssss all these questions and many many more i receive every day during wedding planning. Is quite normal to receive these from a bride organizing her wedding abroad . Is not easy to just imagine your wedding  in Cyprus, you need all these little details that will add up to your final result: a perfect special day to remember! Cyprus wedding ceremony


Wedding ceremonies in Cyprus are easy to plan and set up, the reason firstly are the very friendly well organized town halls in Cyprus,each city usually holds up to 1.500 weddings per year so this already helps as they have plenty of knowledge to assist every couple in research of getting married in our beautiful island.

Second reason for successful wedding ceremonies in Cyprus are the well established wedding planners all over the island who will guide you from start till the end, making it easy to plan a wedding abroad. You do not need extra stress especially if you have to do with legalities away from your country.

Marry in Cyprus
Cyprus wedding ceremonies

So have you made your decision yet? Contact us for further information and assistance of how to organize your wedding ceremony in Cyprus!


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