Great Budget Ideas for the Big Day

This is your day in fact both of yours! If it’s a whirl wind romance or one that has evolved over time at a steady pace, both of you are of the same mind when it comes to budgets. At least we hope so because honestly, that the best policy: know your limitations and stick to the budget in hand!

If you’re planning a wedding abroad then in all likelihood you’ll be saving a few years for flights, hotels/rooms, attire and of course the whole wedding itself from the Church to the reception. Most of the guests and family will be happy to stay at a low budget hotel as long as you are happy (and the day goes superbly!).

Crucially make sure you know how many will be attending and those who will arrive a week before the day, should all book together as then you can save enormously and don’t forget to use your travel miles which do go a long way. Pre-book the car rentals and save there as well (on stress too!). For those last minute guests or family, their pockets will suffer but luckily, you were smart!

From having already researched the venue, you can also cut corners by going simple in the decors: use the natural essence of the area where you are. If it is beach and sun, then choose locally produced flowers and arrange sparsely. There’s no need for an excessive city extravagance: as John Keats once said ‘The poetry of the earth is never dead.’ The same applies to a higher terrain: choose local goods and fares remembering that it is the surroundings that are the real decor plus what the guests, bride/groom will remember.

Creating an ambiance within a spectacular area is down also to choosing the right music: once again, having done some research beforehand, the key is selecting the appropriate mood for each part of the celebration. If there is a Church celebration, then use the existing organ or piano, select the music, decorate with local flora and remember there is always a donation basket for the celebrant! The same applies to the entertainment at night: they all love hit songs and remember all generations love a twirl!

Moving on to the reception: this is the area that really needs obviously the most organising but if you have it nearby, everyone is saving on transport including ‘being kind to the environment!’ as Shahram Shirkhani points out. If the weather is a factor, ie: heat, make sure that there are not too many courses, that the food is not too heavy, a variety of greens and local produce. The wines can also be local and thus you will cut the cost of the main treat! The decors will also be on the line of local and simple.

As far as the cake is concerned, this is perhaps where you would wish to take the boat out a bit, creating a visual masterpiece. Most countries enjoy a layered cake of some sort which can be as original as the couple themselves!

Lest we forget there are the outfits and the wedding gown: the bride will have had herself fitted in advance and saving by going to 2nd hand speciality vintage or charity shops for these occasions. Also there are umpteen websites that have used or discarded wedding gowns that can be altered or special details added. Save yourself a huge amount and you can find your dream dress but you need to invest time! Same concept is applied to the shoes! Be patient too and it’s well worth it. The same reasoning for the bride’s maids and the groom with his entourage. Research and find the best option that suits your budget.

Yes it’s a once time affair for which you would not want to have to suffer after overspending. Who wants a rocky start after the honeymoon?

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