Vasilias Nikoklis Inn -Cyprus – The Perfect Private Wedding Venue

Privacy and exclusivity

When it comes to choosing your perfect Mediterranean wedding venue, the caring and professional team here at Vasilias Weddings Cyprus are confident that we are able to make all your wedding day dreams come true. Apart from our expertise in planning and hosting all types of weddings, we also offer the charm and privacy of our own exclusive and unique Cyprus wedding venue at the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn.

Intimate and romantic weddings

Finding a wedding venue in Cyprus which caters for smaller parties, while also offering total privacy and exclusive use of the available facilities, isn’t as easy as you may think. Many venues expect you to share your chosen space with their other guest and even the locals, which, while appropriate in some circumstances, may not always be to your liking. If you prefer a more intimate arrangement for your event, where all the amenities are included, the unique Vasilias Nikoklis Inn wedding venue is certain to be the solution you have been looking for.

The charm of a rustic Cyprus wedding venue

Finding a rustic wedding venue in Cyprus which is “off the beaten track” while still accessible and within a short driving distance of the main resort town of Paphos, can turn out to be something of a challenge. If you are hoping to add stunning views of the Cyprus countryside and the charm of a rustic venue to your wish list, it could be even slightly more demanding. That is until you have taken a closer look at the traditional venue provided by the Vasilias Cyprus weddings team.

From modern guest accommodation within a quaint traditional setting to a beautiful private courtyard and terrace for your ceremony and reception, Vasilias provides the perfect setting for your big day. Facilities such as ensuite bathrooms and stone-built accommodation blend together, to provide the perfect mix of old-world charm and modern comforts.

Same-sex weddings in Cyprus

While the prevailing Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus, still only recognises the holy institution of marriage in cases of one man and one woman, recent EU legislation now means that same-sex couples are entitled to a civil partnership. Many couples are opting for this route, which is facilitated through local authorities. There is then, the option to make your big day even more special through a commitment or blessing ceremony at a private venue.

This is also the ideal option for same-sex couples seeking a venue which can hold wedding ceremonies and also cater for the reception afterwards. The Vasilias Nikoklis Inn provides exactly that and their experienced wedding planning team is able to take care of all those important details which will make it a day to remember.

Choosing the perfect gay wedding venues in Cyprus

There is no doubt that working with a team who embrace human love in all of its rich and diverse expressions is likely to make a huge difference to your special day. By identifying a wedding planning and catering team which takes its satisfaction from making its clients happy, you are guaranteed to get the very best out of your wedding. The location also counts for a lot, especially if the happy couple is to feel relaxed in the knowledge that they and their invited guest have total privacy and exclusive use of their chosen facilities.

Vasilias Weddings facilitators and the caring team at the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn appreciate how important it is for couples of all genders and orientations to feel comfortable and relaxed on their wedding day. This is one of the reasons why we provide such an intimate and romantic setting for all of the weddings we host at our venue.

The benefits of a private and exclusive wedding venue in Cyprus

An exclusive wedding venue in Cyprus will make all the difference to your special day. Apart from providing you and your guest with the private space you need to celebrate your happy occasion, such a venue gives you the flexibility to theme your wedding. In the case of the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn, you also have the option of onsite accommodation along with exclusive use of a pool and sun terrace.

Welcoming, quaint and totally private is just a few of the words which we would choose to describe what Vasilias Nikoklis Inn has to offer couples and their guests. When combined with the extensive range of services that our planning team is able to provide, you can be confident that we are able to provide a complete wedding venue and services package in one place.

Bespoke weddings for same-sex couples

One of the big benefits afforded to same-sex couples who chose the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn is the option to customise their wedding package. When you choose to combine the privacy and intimacy of the venue with the diverse range of wedding planning options provided, the possibilities are virtually endless. From special menus and unique entertainment to decorations and the hosting of themed weddings, they are all made possible thanks to the exclusive nature of our venue.

When you discover a Cyprus wedding team that is so intently focused on ensuring that your special day provides a wedding experience that is beyond your expectations, you can rest assured that you will be gaining memories to treasure for a lifetime. With everything that you need in one place, Vasilias Weddings and the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn combine to make the ideal venue for unique and bespoke same-sex weddings in Cyprus.

Choosing Vasilias for all types of Cyprus weddings

Whatever type of wedding you may be considering in Cyprus, Vasilias Weddings has the perfect intimate venue for the ceremony and reception. We also have access to an extensive range of wedding planning services from food and transport to accommodation and entertainment.

Contact us today and talk to one of our helpful and friendly wedding planners, because we are confident that we can make your dream Cyprus wedding a happy and memorable reality.

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