Can i dream fast please? – Easy research for wedding venues abroad

We are dreaming fast of all of our important days in our lives, when we finish school when we finish university when starting a new job, new relation ship, when finally get the ring and when its time to book the right wedding venue abroad. Oh yes my dream wedding will be abroad! Main reason  i believe its dreaming of a very special day and whats around it and  organizing a beautiful family and friends meeting in a place that no one has ever seen before! Sounds risky? Well it is a bit risky thinking of how easy its to get scammed by anyone these days. But a careful look and research will help you find THE venue of your dreams.

First on your list : Search for reviews, tripadvisor reviews for wedding venues  are a very helpful tool to find out in real words whats all this fuss about any bussiness? Discover if people love it or leave it. 

Second: Check out the possible awards  that this venue has. If this venue has been awarded then you are in a good direction, means other people and companies appreciated the good work of this place.

Third : Get in touch, receive as many information you can take from the person replying your request. Try to be personal and see what kind of reaction you get, does this company works with just numbers or people? Remember you are not just a number and a possible wedding booking…you are a bride and groom full of dreams and love and madness in organizing your special day, you deserve respect!

Fourth : Send someone you know well to pay a visit to this wedding venue  its good to have a real view and opinion for your option and help you decide if this is right choice for your dreamy day.

Fifth : Organize a skype meeting with a sales person from this venue, you can chat in real time of your concerns and ideas you have.

Last : Do not loose time to make up your mind, if trust is gained after this steps then book it and start planning. Valuable time is used to start planning and moving to the next step, start dreaming of your special day and time will roll faster than you expected!

Enjoy your wedding planning xx


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