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Setting the Tone for the Big Day

Erin S.

Do you have an exact vision for your big day? Can you see the way the venue is lit providing the perfect ambiance, or your friends and families dressed to the nines to celebrate? It’s your wedding day and you should be dreaming big. Here’s a few tips to ensure that the wedding you’ve been envisioning is the wedding you experience!

Engagement Photoshoot

The photographs from your engagement photoshoot are usually incorporated on your save-the-dates and sometimes even your wedding invitations. Whether you want a casual wedding or a more formal wedding, set the tone right from the minute your guests get your save-the-dates! If you and your partner want to focus on enjoying yourselves and don’t have expectations for everyone’s wardrobe selection, then wear whatever feels natural for the photoshoot. Whether you’re going for classic styles ranging from casual day to day outfits to looks that are dressier, you should consider a brand like Torrid as they have a wide range of options that you’re sure to feel comfortable and confident in. Consider using an online consignment shop to save on your unique Torrid styles and maybe you’ll find through your savings that you can splurge on extra time with the photographer!

On the contrary, if you’ve been picturing the big day with a little more extravagance, choose to sport an outfit that is on that next level. To avoid buying yet another expensive and formal dress, consider a subscription service and get access to rented LeTote designers saving you money and space in your closet. When your guests see these photos they will start to have an idea for the kind of effort you’re putting into the wedding.


Your invitation is another great signal to your guests for the caliber of the wedding you’re hoping to have. The quality of the paper or its design shows guests how much you’re investing in the wedding. Ornate invitations say that you care about the attention to detail and that you are planning your wedding to be exquisite. The invitation is also an opportunity to be forthcoming about your expectations in terms of dress code and you can make your wishes explicit. If you’re unsure how to fit it into your invitation check out how others have done it before or refer to the handy Honeytree guidethat is sure to help you convey the dress code to your guests.

Wedding Website

A sure fire way to communicate with your wedding guests is by giving them all the details they need to know to help make your big day right by putting information on your wedding website. Keep everyone in the know with the most up to date itinerary. If possible, make yourself a mailing list in your email so that you can blast out your website’s address when there are updates. This will help make sure everyone knows exactly where they are supposed to be and when. Be certain that you’re covering your bases and that you provide all the necessary wedding information to your guests and they are sure to help the day go as you wish!

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