Vasilias Nikoklis History

Vasilias Nikoklis history is long and goes way back. Was previously an ancient khan, a place for travelers to rest and feed both themselves and their animals. The original building , the ground floor consisting the sitting area, the winter taverna, 2 bedrooms and internal yard, is calculated to be more than 100 years old
it was given as a wedding present to the owners Tassos and Dora Konstantinou. They were given not just a present but a dream that needed to be fulfilled. During 1980 the owners started to renovate the ruins and run it firstly as a taverna. It  took many years to bring the building at today’s stage, lots of hard work , lots of efforts just to see their dream  come true! After some successful years as a taverna they moved on to the next step which was to create another  floor consisting of  6 bedrooms, having in total 8  rooms in which 16  guests can be accommodated. Nowadays the inn is managed by the next generation of the Konstantinou family. Experience and knowledge are combined together with great success, having only one aim, to make visitors and house guests experience Cyprus tradition and hospitality and of course feel  like home!

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