Unique Places to Purchase That Special Diamond Engagement Ring

Some potential brides aren’t sure what kind of engagement ring they would want chosen for them, but most have a good idea of a style they are interested in. Women often think about their future weddings long before they meet the man of their dreams. One thing is for sure, no woman wants a cookie cutter piece that looks exactly like the next girl’s ring. This is the one piece of jewellery that you will wear forever, day in and day out. When looking for a unique, one of a kind diamond engagement ring, there are multiple resources you can utilize. There is no need to drive down to your local mall and visit one of those chain jewelry stores. Think outside of the box, get creative and you will soon have the diamond engagement ring of your dreams. To help you get started, here is a list of helpful places you can start looking for inspiration on the perfect ring.


Etsy is a collection of shops run by people who hand make items or sell vintage items. The possibilities are endless on this site. They have handmade diamond engagement rings, vintage diamond rings, and stones of all kinds. In a recent search for

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engagement rings, here are some examples of what interesting pieces can be found:

  • Black gold engagement ring

  • Cushion set diamond ring

  • Rose gold engagement ring

  • Rough cut raw diamond engagement ring with yellow gold and silver

  • Artisan style bands

  • Diamond engagement rings with other stones or pearls set in the band

  • Colored diamonds

If you truly want a one of a kind engagement ring, try searching the vintage rings on this site. The settings that are available are timeless as well as sure to be unique.

Bridal Magazines

Many bridal magazines offer great ideas when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring. They usually have great photo spreads that allow you to see rings in detail. Most magazines have ads for higher end jewelry stores which would allow you to shop for rings not available to most of the public. Some magazines to check out would be:

  • The Knot Magazine

  • Brides Magazine

  • Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

  • Inside Weddings

  • Seattle Met Bride and Groom


Another great resource for a bride to be are bridal blogs. Start your research early and you will begin to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Bridal concept shoots, actual shoots, engagement sessions and so on all include beautiful, unique diamond engagement shots. Some great blogs to try out are:

  • Real Simple Weddings

  • Pinterest-You can follow multiple bloggers through Pinterest

  • Style Me Pretty

  • Babble

  • Serendipity Diamonds Blog

Design Your Own


Many jewelers and craftsman give the opportunity to design your own ring. When it comes to a unique setting, diamond shape, size, color, texture, etc., designing your own may be the way to go. If that is something you are interested in, first visit the resources that have been supplied above. Get an idea of what you want. You can work with a big name jeweler if you want or find a local artist on Etsy. You just want to figure out your style first.

Shop Local

If shopping local is your passion, a great place to look for a unique ring is Serendipity Diamonds. They are a local UK diamond specialist located on the Isle of Wight. One thing they are known for is made to order custom diamond jewelry. A quick ride on the hovercraft and a short stroll to their showroom, you will find yourself quite at home with their friendly, no pressure attitude. They may even put on the kettle for you!

An engagement ring lasts forever and a truly unique one will make you a happy and satisfied bride. Knowing you and only you have that beautiful diamond ring will make it even more special than it already is. Symbolizing both your individuality and uniqueness, but more importantly the love you share with your partner.

So now you know where to search for an engagement ring before coming to Paphos for your dream wedding.
Author Bio
Recently engaged, Tiffany Richards is in full-fledged wedding planning mode. Her goal for her wedding: blow her family and friends minds with creativity. Throughout the planning process, Tiffany realized that being a creative individual and showing the couple’s style is King. No conforming here, everything from her dress, diamond engagement ring from Serendipity Diamonds to the flowers was personally designed by the bride and family members. From hand made touches, to repurposing décor, her individuality will surely shine through during her upcoming nuptials in Birmingham.

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