Seven Essentials Items to Place on Your Wedding Checklist

If you were to do a search for wedding checklists online you would find an absolutely enormous number of bloated checklists that, though no doubt useful, find it hard to pull out the most essential items you need to keep in mind on the

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run up to your wedding if you wish for the whole event to run as smoothly as possible.


Whether you plan on having your wedding in Cyprus or any other country around the world is of no matter (though we must admit, we are a little biased towards Cyprus). The below essential items must be placed on your checklist to ensure not only a smooth ride on your big day, but also a fun experience along the way; as you and your husband or wife to be get to experience all these new situations together.



1) Setting (and Confirming) the Wedding Venue


Though setting the venue is, no doubt, a task that doesn’t need to be on your checklist for you to remember it; confirming the venue is.


Though you don’t want to be calling up the reception of your chosen venue every week up until your big day, asking them to reassure you that your booking is still intact, it doesn’t hurt to call a couple of times leading up to your wedding day, and even the week before, just to set your mind at rest.


2) Planning Your Guest Gifts


The tradition of the bride and groom giving small gifts to their guests goes back many hundreds of years, with bonbonnieres (a small box made of crystal, porcelain, and precious stones) containing sugar cubes, a delicacy at the time, very popular amongst European aristocrats. Nowadays, gifts given from the bride and groom to their guests are known as wedding favours, with their contents often varying with the theme of the wedding, the location of the wedding (if given at a destination wedding, for example), or the season in which the wedding takes place.


3) Deciding Upon Wedding Day Transportation


Wedding transportation is an essential checklist item that both the bride and groom are often equally interested in. When deciding upon your wedding day transportation you have a wide range of ideas to choose from, including (but certainly not limited to): limousines, classic cars, a horse and carriage, and even a boat if you opt for a beach-side wedding.


4) The Cake


Luckily, this isn’t an item that often gets forgotten about, but it has made it onto this checklist of essential items because, well, it is such a crucial part of your wedding and the reception setting afterwards.


Unlike many other experiences you’ll have to go through when planning your wedding, when you’re looking for ideas for your wedding cake you will have already (most likely) attended many weddings in the past and gained a preference for a certain recipe of wedding cake. Now you just have to have it recreated.


5) Choosing a Photographer and Videographer


Though most couples just opt to have a professional photographer at their wedding, being more than happy to have their nephew or younger cousin film some video here and there on their mobile, there are many advantages to also hiring a professional videographer for your wedding, such as being able to capture the day exactly how it pans out.


6) Confirming Attendance With Guests


This has made it onto the essential items checklist because it’s so often assumed that if a guest confirms their attendance, they’ll definitely show up on the big day.



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you have to make allowances for sicknesses on the day, it pays to confirm your guests attendance a week before the wedding so you can configure seating arrangements that little bit easier.


7) Choosing the Flowers


When choosing your wedding flowers you have to think ahead and only order flowers that will be in season when your wedding takes place.


Your florist will be able to give you tips surrounding the seasonality of their flowers, as well as ideas for your bouquet and other arrangements to be placed around your venue.


In conclusion, if you wish for your wedding day to run as smoothly as possible, take note of the above seven essential items to place on your wedding checklist and you won’t go far wrong.


About the Author:

Established in 2004, Pure Favours is a business in the UK that provides a range of wedding favours ideas. They also have services in the design and creation of wedding invites.

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