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Last-minute Tips to Get You Ready for the Big Day

Getting married is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences of any person’s life, but what comes with it is organization and even stress. There are so many things to get done before the big day, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the preparation that comes with it. To make sure your ceremony is stress-free and memorable, try out our last-minute tips to make sure you’re ready to walk the aisle with confidence and reassurance!

Get Organized

The first step in having the perfect wedding starts with a little organization. It takes a lot of vendors and outside resources to make a ceremony run smoothly. It’s best to create a folder or file to keep all your contracts handy. Make sure to double-check the requirements for each vendor, know the dates for payment and keep track of extra cash for tips, which will help ensure that you have no hiccups during your special day.  

To avoid disaster, be sure to follow up with your vendors at least a week before your wedding to make sure everything is all set and ready for the day of. A lot of the times, these arrangements are scheduled months, even years ahead of the actual date, so following up with everyone is never a bad idea.

Designate an area for wedding gifts

No wedding is complete without wedding gifts and to be sure everything runs smoothly, figure out who will be in charge of all of the gifts that come in from guests. Start with designating an area of the venue where you will store the presents and combine it with a person responsible for keeping track of all of them. This is a rather simple task, but not having to worry about it as the bride and groom will surely relieve any headaches.

For the bride: Perfect your look

Considering your wedding day is the most important date for any bride, and it’s your day to feel absolutely beautiful around friends and family, it’s only right that you make the final preparations to ensure you look your best. Starting with your wedding dress, be sure to get your final dress fittings done ahead of time, to be certain that your dress fits like a glove before walking down the aisle.

Next, make sure your footwear is appropriate for the ceremony. Glancing at the weather (if it’s outdoors) can help with this, however, making sure your shoes are comfortable and broken in can separate a good wedding from a great wedding. Test walk in your heels and mix it in with a pair of flats to throw on for the after-party to free up the pressure on your feet.

Finally, nail down your beauty regime and timeline. Perfect hair and makeup are essential for any bride, and this often takes special appointments and lengthy amounts of time. Be proactive in your scheduling and make sure all your appointments line up before your special day. A great way to do this is having your hair and makeup artist meet you at the venue, this way your entire bridal party can look great with minimal hassle!

For the groom: Stay groomed and responsible

While it might seem less stressful for men to get ready for the big day, there are still steps to follow to avoid a grooming disaster. Start with making sure your hair is up to the part. Visit the barber at least a week before your wedding to get a haircut that will have you looking sharp and handsome before walking the aisle. Your barber might even have the perfect suggestion of a style to have you testing out a new look.

Once your hairstyle is on point, it’s essential to match it perfectly with your facial hair. Seek out a high-quality men’s razor to help you shave or sculpt your beard before your friends and family see you. While your hair trimming should be about a week before, the best time to shave is a couple of days before the ceremony. Depending on things like, how fast your hair grows and what length you’re going for, figure out a schedule ahead of time of what will work best for you.

When it comes to clothing, make sure everything is steamed and prepared. From shirts to socks, lay your outfit out the night before and make sure everything is perfect. If you plan on specific garments special to the wedding, make sure those are located and ready to be worn!

Other responsibilities to get squared away include accounting for the rings and practicing your vows. Remembering to breathe is never a bad idea!

Figure out transportation

Finally, it will be beneficial to figure out transportation to and from your wedding, since there will be so many people in the same location at once. As the bride and groom, make sure your limousine ride is all set to ensure you arrive on time and safely. For guests, look into ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, which make it increasingly easier for guests to catch a ride. However, if you wish to avoid this route, look into getting shuttles for guests or even buses that can provide designated drivers. This will be sure to provide the safest option possible for you and your guests!

As your wedding day approaches, remember to remain positive, calm, and organized. This should be the best day of your life, so don’t let minor things take away from the celebration!

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