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Planning a destination wedding  

With the lure of sunny days and sandy beaches, it’s easy to see why so many British couples decide to get married abroad. However, if you want your exotic wedding day to be perfect, getting ready to tie the knot overseas requires quite a bit of planning.


Start off by setting a realistic budget. There are many tools online to help you limit costs and expenses, and make sure you stick to what you can afford.


After choosing a destination, make a list of possible venues that fit your requirements. Before you set your heart on a specific place, remember to check the time of the year you’d like to get married in is right for the location you’ve chosen.


Several countries will ask you bring along a variety of documents, so now it’s time to sort out the paperwork. This is probably the least pleasant part of the planning, but the sooner you start the better as bureaucracy can take a while.


For more useful tips on how to plan a wedding overseas, including a handy 12-month timeline of must-do’s, take a look at this helpful guide Sainsbury’s Bank has created:

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