Beautiful Colours and Sustainable Jewellery–You Can Have it all!

Sustainable Jewellery

You may have heard of sustainable jewellery but do you know what it means for jewellery to be of this nature? Any jewellery that is produced with the goal in mind of environmentalism and social responsibility can be considered sustainable.

Many jewellery companies have moved toward the mentality of sustainable jewellery as the trend is continuing to grow worldwide. With so much focus on blood diamonds, and protecting the environment, any diamond jewellery company is wise to focus on creating product lines that are sustainable. A notable effort, a diamond certification system, introduced by the UN a few years ago will further support the effort to eliminate conflict diamonds and focus on selling sustainable jewellery.

Trendy Accessories in Australia

In Australia, diamond jewellery is every popular and can be seen in different trendy accessories. Whether real or fake, diamonds can be seen in clothing and fashionable jewellery. Diamond encrusted heels on shoes has become a growing trend for the glamorous girl. Men’s jewellery has also seen an increase in diamonds, mainly in pendants and wedding rings. Black diamonds in particular are used regularly in men’s jewellery for a masculine and sophisticated look in jewellery. Perhaps the most timeless and elegant accessory for a woman are diamond stud earrings. Even the smallest of diamond studs can make a beautiful and feminine statement on a woman’s ears.

In the case of online shopping, one can find a great deals through many discount retailers. Retailers online offer many styles of fashionable jewellery in the area of diamond earrings. Jewellery can come in many styles such as: princess cut, oval cut, marquise cut, diamond hoops, and of course the classic round cut. As far as colours are concerned, diamond studs have moved away from the traditional white diamond and moved into some beautiful and unique colours such as pink, yellow, red, green, black, and purple. Keep in mind any of these colours (which are considered “fancy” colours) can be extremely expensive if they are a natural stone, as they are very rare. If you do have the ability to purchase a fancy colour, you will not be disappointed.

When shopping for a diamond, make sure you are aware of the four C’s: Colour, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. Each of these factors will have an impact on the price of the diamond. If you cannot afford a pair of diamond stud earrings with flawless stones (as of course, many cannot) keep in mind what you are willing to sacrifice. Maybe you don’t need a colourless diamond and will accept a little gray or yellow tint. In this case, you would save a lot of money and be able to purchase a larger size set of diamond earrings. If colour and clarity are important to you, you may want to decide on a smaller cut (size) set of diamonds as you might easier find a pair within your budget.

In any case, make sure you know where the diamonds are coming from and look into purchasing the best diamonds for sale in Brisbane can offer, just make sure that they are from a reputable retailer—preferably one that offers sustainable jewellery.


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