Advice For Writing Your Own Marriage Vowels

Some of us just aren’t that good with words. Furthermore, since our wedding vows are amongst the most important words we’ll ever say, it’s only natural that many people will suffer from writer’s block and struggle to find the right words to say when setting out on composing the vows themselves. All in all then, it’s fair to say that producing one’s own wedding vows is no easy task for many of us. Here are a few tips on doing so then to help make the task somewhat easier.

Prepare Early

The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered when composing your own wedding vows is to start early and never leave it late. It’s simple common sense that the earlier you leave it, the more time you will have to prepare and the more thought you will be able to inject into the vows, which can only do you good. It’s best to start writing your vows at least a month before the wedding.


Keep Vows In Your Pocket


Unfortunately, inspiration and creativity aren’t always available or readily available at request. It is therefore important to keep your vows with you wherever you are, or at least keep a pen and paper – or your phone – with you wherever you are, in case you suddenly need to record a few words to add to your vows.


Read Novels

The more you read, the better you will be at writing, which will hold you in good stead when needing to compose your wedding vows. Classic novels are most beneficial when it comes to improving your writing skills and the better the novel, the better your writing will be as a result of reading it.


It is obviously preferable for such novels to be romance books, however in truth, any genre will improve the quality of your vows.


Online Advice

it comes to searching for advice on any topic or theme, the internet should be your best friend and this is no different for those looking to compose their wedding vows. There are a number of blogs such as this one or, which can help you with advice on vows – as well as weddings and marriage in general for that matter.

Set The Tone


You must remember that your vows need to be confined to a specific tone. You will best know what tone you want to achieve, however there are a few general rules that you ought to adhere to.


Firstly, your tone should always be romantic – needless to say. It should also come from the heart and resonate with truthfulness and sincerity – even if it is rather lighthearted and even funny. Furthermore, if you do choose to make your vows lighthearted and funny, you must be sure to always keep a strong element of seriousness in it, as marriage is no trivial affair.


If you’re not great at jokes, then you should steer clear from telling them in your marriage vows. There is nothing more cringe worthy than a joke that doesn’t pull off in front of several people. When this failed joke occurs throughout one’s wedding vows, it will obviously amount to a major disaster.


It is far better to be completely serious than to fail at attempting to be funny.


Relax And Speak From The Heart

The final and perhaps most important piece of advice for those composing their own wedding vows is to simply relax and speak from the heart. The phrase “speak from the heart” is one that’s often thrown around rather meaninglessly, however it is completely true for pronouncing one’s vows.


You must speak to your partner, as if no one else is around. After all, you’re simply telling him or her how much you love them.

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