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Your Wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life and there is no doubt that your deepest desire is for everything to run as smoothly as possible and be stress-free. Choosing an exclusive venue for your wedding and reception is one way that you can ensure that is what happens on the big day. While it may be nice to share one of the happiest days of your life with your family and close friends, doing it at a venue where others may be eating and drinking may not be exactly what you had in mind when you started making your wedding plans.

Choosing somewhere to hold your wedding ceremony and reception that is for the exclusive use of you and your guests will add an intimate and romantic aspect that many bigger venues are unable to provide. In this article, we look at some of the benefits that couples will enjoy when booking an exclusive venue for their intimate and romantic wedding.

A one-stop wedding shop

One of the great benefits that couples have when booking an intimate and romantic venue in Cyprus for their wedding is having a dedicated wedding planning team at their disposal. With food, accommodation, and every other aspect of your wedding all available in one location, you will be free to focus on making the most of your special day. From the pre-wedding drinks and meal with your friends and family to the details of the wedding itself, an expert team with an exclusive venue will make the difference that counts. Everything including photography, the cake, and the venue decoration can be taken care of on the happy couple’s behalf.

Keeping everyone together

Most couples who plan for an intimate wedding abroad usually fly to their chosen destination with their family and close friends. Staying at the same exclusive venue makes a great deal of sense in terms of transport and ensuring that everyone gets there on time too. Being able to relax together before the wedding with good food and drink in a tranquil atmosphere is also very important not just for those attending the celebration but especially for the couple. An exclusive venue that provides comfortable accommodation and delicious food for everyone in the run-up to the wedding also saves everyone the hassle of travelling to restaurants and booking into separate hotels.

Creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere

While many large hotels do offer dedicated wedding planning and hosting services, they can tend to be rather impersonal with quite often hundreds of other people staying in the hotel and sharing the facilities. When it comes to creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere for your wedding that is personal to you, a venue that is reserved exclusively for your wedding party will make the day so much more special and memorable.

Smaller, intimate venues that are removed from the hustle and bustle of the main resorts and towns are usually set in the beautiful open countryside and there are a few such gems to be found if you know where to look. The atmosphere is everything on the day and it takes the perfect location and a dedicated and professional wedding venue team to make sure that everything comes together as and when it should.

The benefits of onsite accommodation

Finding an exclusive wedding venue in Cyprus that provides the right kind of accommodation is a crucial factor in making a success of your big day. The couple and their guest will be able to relax with a nice meal and a good night’s sleep before their special day and that is why choosing good quality onsite accommodation can make or break the big day. If you are fortunate enough to discover a venue that combines a romantic and intimate atmosphere with every modern facility such as ensuite bathrooms, you are on the right track.

A luxury swimming pool and some authentic surroundings will also go a long way towards creating the ideal location for your dream intimate wedding. Combining these with a venue that is for the exclusive use of your wedding party and no one else and there is very little else any discerning couple could ask for.

The convenience of having everything in one place

If discovering all of the above in one place sounds like the venue of your dreams in Cyprus you need to pinch yourself right now because there is such a place and it provides everything that you need in one beautiful and convenient location. If all of the above already sounds too good to be true, then when you add a specialist online wedding planning service that accesses every possible extra, you will know that you have found the perfect exclusive wedding venue. Using something called “Vplanner”, couples can access everything from flowers and photography services to accommodation and menus with a few taps or clicks of a mouse.

By combining such a facility with an exclusive wedding venue in Cyprus , every single aspect of your wedding can be taken care of months before your big day even arrives. That can only be good news for everyone from friends and family to the couple themselves, who then have nothing left to worry about except making the very best of sharing in the happy event.

Turn your exclusive wedding venue dreams into a wonderful reality

If you have only dared to dream about an exclusive wedding venue that could possibly offer all of the above combined with beautiful sunshine and stunning scenery, then dream no more. Vasilias Weddings and the beautiful Vasilias Nikoklis Inn near Paphos in Cyprus provide all of the above and much more besides. We are as passionate about your special day as you are and our joy comes through sharing in yours by making your wedding everything you ever dreamt it could be.

Contact the experts in all aspects of exclusive and intimate Cyprus weddings at Vasilias Weddings now to discover how they can turn your special day into a lifetime of happy memories.      

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