DIY Wedding Tips and Advice

DIY Wedding Tips & Advice

Ensuring that your wedding has the perfect backdrop is probably high on your list of priorities when preparing for your special day. Hiring a specialist wedding planner to help with all the preparations for the big day, particularly the venue and interior design choices is what most people opt to do, however more and more of us nowadays are opting for a DIY approach to wedding design. DIY on your special occasion has a number of advantages. First and foremost- it is obviously cheaper since you won’t have to pay any wedding planners. Furthermore, it allows you to take full control of a the happiest day of your life, so you’ll want to be in as much control and power as you can be to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to your taste. Here are a few DIY wedding tips and advice.


Financial Shrewdness

If the main reason for you going DIY on your wedding is to save some money, than you will need to ensure that you make choices and decisions that actually work to keep within your budget. While it can be cheaper to DIY your own wedding details, it can also be more expensive if you choose the wrong options and expensive materials. This is not to say however to buy cheap and tacky resources as this will reflect on your big day.


You must also acknowledge that a DIY wedding takes time, as well as a lot of work. Since wedding preparations are stressful and drawn out enough as it is, you must ask yourself whether or not you’ll actually have the time and strength to do things yourself and whether it is really worth saving that extra bit of money.

Can you afford all those guests?

As much as it would be perfect to have everyone you know to be there celebrating your wedding day, there is a relationship between your budget and your guest list- and of course, the more guest in attendance the more money that has to be spent. If you are on a budget, it might be a better idea to keep the day strictly for close friends and family.



Don’t Be Afraid To Get A Little Help

Whilst you may be keen on doing things yourself, the money and time a professional planner can save you can be invaluable. Hiring an expert can help you immensely in planning your wedding and will end up getting the best of both worlds– boasting greater power over your wedding whilst saving money, without an overabundance of hard work and chores.

Areas the wedding planner can help in are matters that are strongly related to health and safety. Food licensing and lighting installation for example should be in the hands of a wedding planners and professionals in that field if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself. It is important that you do not cut corners in these areas, and you can ensure this by buying the lighting fixtures yourself from top retailers whom specialise for any occasion such as Lampcommerce. Particular brands such as Artemide are perfect for weddings, creating the perfect atmosphere between romance and celebration.

Creative Money-Saving Locations

If you’re looking for a memorable wedding location that isn’t super-pricey, outdoor options are worth a thought. The weather will of course need to be perfect for the occasion and so you’re better off choosing a summer month to play it safe. I mean, you can’t go wrong on a warm June afternoon on a beach in Cyprus, right?

Fall Leafed Bouquet

If you’re getting married in autumn you can save money on a bouquet by arranging yours personally from picked up fall leaves, leaving yourself with a beautiful bouquet that’s unique, chic and creative.

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